Dear Journal 4/3/15

5:58 PM

I currently live in Italy and plan to stay there for another year and a half. It’s been fourteen months since we moved to Formia , Italy .  The first thing I noticed was how different we are. It just so happens to be a great thing. I was always aware I was black and I never thought it was a big deal. Until I moved to Europe, and I lived in Japan for three years before I moved here.

I’m not saying I have become ashamed of who I am. In matters of fact I more proud than ever.  I actually have the opportunity to show the world the African-American are just as human as everyone else.

In Japan they have a way of making every race feel welcome. Their curiosity will show you why. Which was surprising to me considering there past with every other country. It was just the most inspiring and enjoyable experience. I wish our trip didn’t end.

Today I’m in Croatia and I never thought I’d fall in love with another country. As usual I was proven wrong. Everyone was really cool .I was expecting the same reaction we got in Italy in Croatia. Instead I am here asking if we could move here. It’s impossible for me to name just one thing I love the most here.

At the end of the day Japan has taught me to be humble. Italy has taught me how difficult the world could be. Croatia has taught me that we shouldn’t care about color.  I know I sound really cheesy but I can’t wait to travel and see more of the world.


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