Dear Journal 10/15/2015

Dear Journal today was a good day,

Today I just sent a postcard to one of my closest friend back home . On the front there was a photo of the city of Pompeii . The reservation of the ruin were just beautiful . Not only was the two-hour drive worth the trip it’s worth writing about

As you are aware Pompeii is one of the three victims of Mt. Vesuvius outrageous outburst back in 79 AD. right out side the ruins . An amphitheater had a small building to contribute to the victims of Mt. Vesuvius . When the volcano erupted the people of Pompeii had no place to hide . They were either killed by the deadly lava or inhaled the toxic air .You could see the stone in ash of the bodies . There were mother holding on to their children and men in a position of agony as if they were curled up in a ball.  It was a sad and depressing thing ; to experience that and to see those bodies covered ash .

When we got in to the  actual city of Pompeii (to be honest) , the whole place is a giant labyrinth . At least that’s what it felt like.  As you go in you can see everything you’ve only previously seen on the internet or in history books. We have seen it all from the kitchen to the temple to the restroom. there was even a café in the middle of it all. Just think about it whole city in ruin is reserved for you to walk about . How many time have you been to a museum and wonder what would it be like . Pompeii is as close as your going to get to actually being in history .

As I walk through the city I was talking to my mom about the history and the people of Pompeii . Pompeii was actually part of the roman empire , it was a roman city . This city was a really sophisticated and cultural environment . I could tell from the architecture and the way they were designed .

Eventually toward the end of the maze we got lost ,looking for the statue of the dancing faun ( it was small) . When we finally found our way of the great maze. we went home only to find out that at six o’clock in the morning were climbing Mt. Vesuvius.

Which was another two-hour ride plus a 25 minute bus ride up 2/3 on the volcano . To be honest ,It doesn’t look like a lot but it take at least in hour and a half hour down . We were practically running down the mountain cause it was so steep . I I’m not going to lie I got a little dizzy at the top . But all in all it was a pretty good two-day trip.

Pompeii today was rebuilt around the ruins . Where there are churches and café ,shops and restaurants and so one.

So if your reading this and your thinking . “Hmm? I should visit Pompeii .”  Please do , I strongly suggest  the site seeing . I have lived in Italy for almost two years , and I have seen all the sites. I honestly believe Pompeii was extraordinary.


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