Dear Journal 10/16/2015

Cantina Cominium
Cantina Cominium

Today my mom woke me up late, which is great. I only got a half hour to get ready for this field trip my mom signed us up for to a wine vineyard . Sound like fun right? I got to pick grape for wine that I can’t even drink yet. (Not that I’m going to dad). To be completely honest thou I only went for the food and photos and it was worth it .
this place really reminded my of the last vineyard I have been to. Named “Porto di’ Mola” and we made tomato sauce and fried zucchini flowers. It was all a very interesting process. You sort out the good tomatoes from the bad than wash them in a barrel. Next the lady had put the tomato into this big pot with a fire underneath it outside. When that was all done we put the hot tomato into a machine that turns it into a sauce. Then we jarred them up and hade lunch.
Any way this new vineyard “Cantina Cominium” is on a national park. Apparently the town right behind the vineyard was in a war with Germany. And the wine yard wasn’t there until the 60’s. Umm….. I don’t know about you but that’s some pretty interesting history.
After the introduction everyone was put to work. We all got a pair of baby scissor to cut the stems of the grapes. I don’t want to brag but I did like twenty-five percent of the work. You know, taking pictures, avoiding bee’s cutting (and dropping) grapes. Although I never really ate the grapes I just threw them in the basket.
Then after all that work we had to hike up a very tall hill. (On an unrelated note I need to start going to the gym.) Seriously thou the walk was breath-taking , since the it’s the beginning of fall and the leaves have started to change .Which only made it feel more like something out of a book.

When everyone got up the hill, they had the children stump the grapes. I didn’t get in it but my little brothers did and seemed to love it like all of the other kids there.
The food Oh My Goodness I loved the food. The people at Cominium made homemade lasagna with organic yeast for the pasta, homemade tomato sauce and hamburger. Next they served potato’s cooked in a wine and olive oil with sausage.
All in all it was a great Italian experience. I had a really great time photographing the awesome view.  The vineyard was a beautiful spot for grape picking and I hope my family I will be able to revisit soon.

(Excuse me for my sarcasms, I’m not complaining I just notice the details and irony of thing and try to turn it into a laugh.)


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