Dear Journal 10/22/2015 Life in Italy as a homeschooled teen.

Me at a vineyard
Me at a vineyard
Dear Journal,


In the past few days I haven’t been posting, only because I had no idea what to write about. My life becomes completely boring when I’m stuck at the house for days. Why am I a fifteen year old stuck in my house in the middle of fall, you ask? Oh you see I’m homeschooled (I think I mentioned that before, DUH).

Anyway just to sum you up on my homeschooled/travel experience. I lived in Japan for three years and went to an on base DOD’s schools. Long story short I had trouble with getting good grade and keeping friends in school. So after two years I talked to my mom and decided to homeschool. That way I could focus on school work and advance myself to a better student. One year later I’m in Italy.

After my family and I moved here to Gaeta, we had to move in a hotel for a little over two-months. To my surprise it only took my parents to pick a house in the first week. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to move in just yet. This house has three floors (and is a pain to clean up) with no door knobs, ceiling fans the lights weren’t even installed into the ceiling.


Anyway we are all moved in and where getting ready to move out, but is beside the point of this post. Italy is  perfect for homeschooling, especially when you’re learning about the history that only happened down the street. I have also learned about the untold stories in European history that is just not in the American books for world history. Gladiator Spartacus use to train only forty-five minutes down the road from where I live.


Not only as a homeschooler I can see the things I’ve  learned about; I am also able to change my life-style such as my diet. Right now I am starting a vegetarian eating habit and Italy is the perfect place for me to do that. All the veg and fruits are available at markets on Thursdays. This means I eat with the season, whatever is in this season I eat.


Now……..I don’t mean to brag but my style has improved a lot since the 6th grade (I’m in the 9th grade). Here in Europe the shops are the best place for any homeschooler  (or anybody) to get the school supplies and school clothes you need. Right now I am wearing army green jeans with zipper on my ankle and a plaid shirt I got back at Pompeii. (Click on Pompeii)

There are many benefits to living in Italy and by homeschooled (like I haven’t emphasized that enough)but to be honest I am just grateful to see the world and having parents who are more than supporting, They are the main reason I want to tell our story.



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