Dear Journal 11/4/2015

Dear Journal ,

Last week was October 31, that time of year when everyone dress up and go door to door and say “Trick or Treat”.

(Although I never really been tricked on Halloween before.)

Anyway my family and I are Christian and every year before now; we would go trick or treating in a neighborhood where the members of our church lived. After that we would go to the church for an event known as “Holly Night”, in the gymnasium

Know that I live overseas in Italy, Halloween is a little different. So in result t we had to really think what October 31st should be considered as. My family has always loved fall. The tree leaves change color and the weather is more fair to when you want to go out. Also it is the time of harvest and all of our favorites are in season. #IBreak4Pumpkins

Based off my morals I believe that Christians can dress up and go trick or treating, mainly because it’s another family occasion. At the same time Halloween doesn’t have to be scary, we can do without the living dead fantasies and terrible horrifying pranks, you see online.



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