The Safest Ways and Places To Travel To Right Now! Because Staying Home Is Driving Us Crazy!

Everyone’s summer plans have changed one way or another. I originally planned on taking a trip to Virginia, my home state, to see my baby cousin graduate and possibly make a trip to Montreal, Canada, to take some fantastic photos. I don’t know why in light of everything happening in the world right now means adventuring shouldn’t happen at all this summer. Of course, I came up with 5 simple and safe ways to travel this summer.

Take a Road trip

At the moment it’s been recommended that we avoid air-traveling and taking a bus. Planning a road trip is much safer and a lot more personal of a trip. You and friends can plan an adventure and still enjoy the summer with these simple tips recommended by AARP:

  • Plan your route “You may run into some temporary closures.”
  • Pack essentials (water, snacks, medication, and hand sanitizer)
  • Pay for gas with cards not cash (avoid face-to-face)
  • Dining: In some states like Texas and Utah some restaurants are resuming dine -in service with some restrictions.
  • Sleeping: Call ahead to confirm reservation, just in case your hotel has closed.


In some states like Indiana, their campgrounds are still open. Of course, you’ll need to make reservations to pitch a tent, but cabins are closed to bookings right now unless you go to Airbnb. Double-check in your state to see if campgrounds near you are still allowing tents to be pitched.

Take A Day Trip:

Getaway for a day takes a trip to the nearest open park, beach, or forest preserve. Double-check the parks’ website to see what open still and what restriction may be in place to enforce social-distancing.

Weekend Trip:

If a day isn’t enough, I don’t blame you for wanting to take the weekend off from quarantine as well. One was excellent, why not make it two? Airbnb is still available for rent right now, and getting a beach house for a city apartment may not be the worse thing to do.

Audible Gift Memberships

If leaving the house is too dangerous or you simply don’t feel safe traveling in any way, the best way to get away is through a good story. I have started listening to Sea Wall/ A Life with Jake Gyllenhall and Tom Sturridge. It’s a play about fatherhood from both the father’s and son’s perspectives.


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