My Favorite Place in the Fall That Feels Just Like a Hallmark Movie!

Mike May once said, “I love the sounds and the power of pounding water, whether it is the waves or a waterfall.” Most people could agree with Mike May when they visit Kegan Falls in Nikko, Japan, as it is one of its biggest attractions. Nikko is notoriously famous for its natural environment, specifically, Mount Nantai, home of the Kegan Falls. Mt. Nantai was a place of spiritual worship. People believed that Fatarasan (a god) would provide water from the mountains, praying.

Mt. Nantai and Kegan Falls is typically in its prime during the fall season when the whole forest has turned into an aesthetics of perfect yellow, orange, and red leaves.

Mt. Nantai in Nikko, Japan is my favorite place for three reasons; my family and I would visit each other annually during the fall, and the view is incredible, Mt. Nantai was peaceful. My family and I would visit every year to see Kegan Falls as we stayed in The Turtle Inn on Mt. Nantai, surrounded by a scenic view of the mountain. Every morning after breakfast, we would go on the same trail behind the Inn. At the end of the path, my family would stand still for two minutes, closing our eyes while listening to our surroundings. We would hear the leaves ruffle with the mildly stiff breeze, the water flowing in the river, fellow hiker being amazed by the view and the birds of course chirping in the distance. Moments like these are what pulls us back every year.

Another reason Mt. Nantai is my favorite place because of the fantastic view, Mt. Nantai and Kegan Falls provides. Kegan Falls was an attraction that would bring people from all over the world. As this is such a popular attraction, there is an admission fee to go with a group of fifteen people, and there are three options for how you would like to view the waterfall. The first option is at the top of a stairway, where there is a panoramic view. The second view is at the bottom of the stairs, where you will see the waterfall directly in front of you. The last aspect is from the side as you exit to head back to the admission office. The scene of Kegan Falls was astonishing despite the little time we had to take it in.

The last reason Mt. Nantai is my favorite place is because of the peaceful environment your experience up there. Right outside of Kegan Fall, there are cafes and restaurants, hiking trails, a nature museum, and a handful of small businesses. Although this is a tourist attraction with visitors from all over the world, it is understood that everyone needs to respect the environment, which creates a peaceful and enjoyable experience for everyone. We never leave Mt. Nantai with visiting House Toki, a café that overlooks the Lake. It’s one of the most peaceful spots of the mountain with a hot cup of coffee.

Mt. Nantai in Nikko, Japan is my favorite place because my family and I would visit annually during the fall. The view is magnificent, and it was peaceful.


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