A Story Every Tourist in Hawaii Needs To Know Before Leaving the Island

Back in 1958, in Lahaina,  Hawaii. The Maui Divers stumbled upon an ocean jewel; which is conceders the most lustrous coral in the world,  “The Black Coral”.  The Black Coral is a protected gem, that takes 50 years or more to fully mature before harvesting the coral. 1959 is the year the Maui Divers establish there jewelry business. Which is how they named their business.

I got a chance to experience how a pearl is welcome from an oyster. Tap 3 times, ring a bell, and shout Aloha. Sound like the perfect way to wake up on a Monday morning.


This is Courtney she works at the Maui Divers Jewelry kiosk down at North Shore. She was so lovely and helpful and just made our experience more enjoyable here in Hawaii.


Here is the pearl that Courtney pealed out the oyster. She said the pink pearl means ‘love and beauty’. If you want to see how the pearl was pealed out form the oyster, click here. Maui Divers Jewelry is a fantastic company with an even more amazing history. Make sure to check out their website to see the lovely black coral and more.

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#Blackouttuesday How to Participate in the BLM Movement! Especially Number 5

I don’t usually plan to post two blogs in one day, but I feel today is a day that everyone, no matter how much or little influence they have, should use their voice to speak up on the injustice of George Floyd and his family.

Today is Blackout Tuesday, according to News 4 Jax;

Tuesday, June 2, is Blackout Tuesday, a day promoted by activists to observe, mourn and bring about policy change in the wake of the death of George Floyd. This movement has spread on social media, where organizations, brands and individuals are posting solemn messages featuring stark black backgrounds”

New 4 Jax

Everyone should participate, no matter their skin color or political beliefs. We should be united on issues like racism and police brutality, so if you haven’t already or unsure how-to, here are five articles and resources on how to get involved.

  1. Gabi In the City: Evolving Beyond Performative Activism: 10 Ways To Confront Systemic Oppression
  2. Her Campus: How College Students Are Demanding Justice Right Now and What You Can Do to Join Them
  3. TimeOut :How to support Black Lives Matter, wherever you are
  4. Refinery29: Find & Support Black-Owned Businesses With These Apps & Websites
  5. Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

Stay safe!

Three Side Effects of Moving Internationally


The past seven (almost eight ) years I have had to move from house to house, country to country. To be honest, though, the reality of the past seven years have been one crazy roller coaster. Moreover, every ride has their side effects.  I am only seventeen, and I have lived in six different homes since I was born. Just very recently I have noticed the effects it can have on one’s social life. Half the time when I am in public, I am pretty much muted when I am around people I have not grown comfortable with, which means either, one I am shy because I do not know you or two I have nothing to say.

  1. ( The aftermath of being overseas huh?) I had mixed emotion about leaving the states. At first, it was hard leaving family and friends and a house I lived in for more than seven years. I ended up missing everything from the little things like the Disney Channel and Chick-fil-a to the big things, for example, going to Awanas every Wednesday. After about a year I started to appreciate many things I never thought I would have; like the opportunity to travel the world. My brother and I always laugh about the way we acted when we left the states. Imagine two kids in an airport crying their eyes out, while everyone is trying to check in his or her bags.
  2.  Another side effect of traveling is changing in personality.  In Japan when someone bows toward you; you bow back. It is a sign of respect toward one another.  After a while, I started to pick up these habits, and before I knew it, I’m bowing at Italians, saying ‘Grazie.’
  3. The cruelest side effect of traveling (practically the mother load) is the exit rout. I have been to half a dozen countries, and I never wanted to leave once (including the states). However, moving makes me want to travel more.  I promised myself that even after I leave for college in little over a year, I will keep traveling the world.  At this point, I feel like I can’t live in the states anymore. Otherwise, I will feel like I am trapped in this bubble, which almost makes it another side effect of traveling. (P.s that is a good thing)

Top 3 Tips For Jet Lag

Jet lag is never fun, but you know what is? Not having jet lag. Here are my best tips, so that you can enjoy the first few days in a different time zone for a more extended amount of time. Just three simple tips.

1.)  Eat lots of fruit. Especially apples for the energy, to help stay up till at least 7’0clock, plus it keeps your mind off the pillow. Don’t give into your coffee addiction and energy drinks; you might not be able to fall asleep when you need to.

*One time my parents made us stand up until it was time for dinner, it felt like torture!

2.) Plan your day out, including when you should go to bed. Set a reasonable time like seven O’clock.  When you have a plan for the day, it keeps you busy, and it will put you in the mindset of getting things done. (sometimes helps with forgetting about that comfortable pillow waiting for you)

*Once my family and I were sleeping all day, then at night it was like we were just going through a typical day. Cooking meals, watching tv, doing homework, playing board games, etc….*

3.) Walk everywhere that’s within walking distance. It keeps you active. Plus there is no bed around, and I am pretty sure you do not want to fall asleep on the sidewalk.

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Dear Six-Year-Old Mimi

When I was younger I used to wish I was sixteen so I could hangout with my older cousins. Now that sixteen is right around the corner. I decided to write a letter to the six-year-old little girl who had no idea where she would end ten years later.

Dear six-year-old me,

I can’t tell you how much I envy you. Your innocence was timeless and beautiful. You had your problems obviously but that’s what help shape your judgement today.

Today you are shy and silent yet to stubborn to let anyone change your personality, thank you for that.  

Growing up your  friends really were your life. I will never forget the moments of us reenacting our favorite scenes from High School Musical and chasing the boys around the park just to prove how fast we were. Also, don’t take what your friends or foe have to say to heart. Form your own opinions and morals based off your christian environment.

Another thing, I know you probably think you have mean teachers but the way I see it, you have passionate mentors and like it or not you deserved every visit to the vice principal office. Till this day, we both blame it on MATH! Don’t worry you got better in school and now you have the courage to run your own blog. You may not have 100 followers but you have 20 amazing follower that you’re proud of  and because of your growing passion of writing. Even though you suck at grammar . It’s okay because your mom and your dad both told you to just write and you do; that’s why you have over 30 drafts hidden in your folder.

Bottom line is we’re still growing up and still forming our own opinions. We want a voice in this world that is nothing but positive and informative. I wish I could be six forever. When making friends was so much easier and growing up was much more harder. Please don’t rush to be me. Try to stale as much time as your little creative mind can.

Stop ( with a capital S) wishing you were a teenager. It may look a lot cooler from your little eyes but all that mean is that you a getting closer and closer to leaving the nest.  You’re going to wish and wish to be six years old all over again. The thought of leaving in a FEW years is scary and unthinkable, but someday it will happen and I’m going to think of you.    

                                                                                                                                  – Sincerely Mya

What is a Good Friend and Are You One?

Hello World Wide Web of Beautiful people!

You probably have already read magazine articles and other blog post about whether or not you have a good friendship. This is somewhat the same, the only difference is my personal experiences. img_7148

This is one of the most important lessons I have learned in the past couple of years. I actually had to leave my friends to notice there are only three things everyone should have in a friendship.

1. Loyalty.

Loyalty is really important in a friendship. In a way you and your friend are like sisters/brothers. No matter what happens or how far apart you two are; you still call each other, like you’re just next door. You should have each other’s back at all times, even if you’re mad at each other. You two are each others ride or die buddy, no matter what.

My friends are all over the world; and we invite each other to each others house.img_4167


2. Support

This part is just as much about you as it is about  your friend. You as a friend should be there in a time of trouble. Even if it makes you uncomfortable (but why would you be uncomfortable)? And in return, she/he will do the same for you. Supporting each other isn’t just about being a shoulder to cry on either. It’s also, being the positive person who believes that they can do anything if they put their minds to it. Also help them get to where they want to go.

3. Trust

Story time: A couple of years ago, I had a somewhat best friend. We did everything together and told each other everything. Unfortunately, since I traveled a lot, I had to move. After I moved, I started thinking about our friendship and if she was a good friend. I started to realize how much she was willing to lie to me about everything. I thought we’d keep in touch after I left. But I guess not. It really hurt me to know how mean she really was toward me. (by the way it’s not the girl in picture with me)

If your friend is willing lying to you just because she too scared to tell you the truth. For example, if she/he doesn’t want you too come over ; she’ll/he’ll tell you their mom said no company when their parents are not home. But their vehicles are parked in front of the house. Obviously she/he doesn’t think you too are close enough to bluntly tell you the truth.

Basically If you catch him/her lying to you. Gently point out the fact that you know they are not telling the truth. If it is so easy for a friend to lie to you. She/he is not a good friend, let alone a best friend. The same thing goes for you to, don’t lie to your friends. ( unless you’re trying to surprise them or something)

In conclusion, you’ll be able to tell if she’s/he’s a good friend. There are many things that make up a good friend, but mostly just you being a good friend. That is what I learned in the past couple of years and I’m really great full to have such great friends.

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Spring is Coming!!! (OOTD)

Hello Worldwide Web of Beautiful People!

Finally!!!  Spring is coming so, it’s time to hang up the bubble jacket and pop out the denim jackets and cardigans!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this all winter long. You know, all those cute sweaters and cardigans being stoled away for three whole seasons. It’s so sad!!!img_6843

Oh look , here I am wearing my favorite well………everything. American Rag is my all time favorite brand and I’m practically obsessed with them right along with Levis.

1.American Rags crochet tee.

I find this outfit piece comfortable and the material is really soft (similar) . It’s completely perfect for a boho-chic look in the spring. Which can easily be crossed over into summer, because of it’s light and sheer fabric.
 2. Jean Jacket

I actually got the jacket from an Italian market for $5.(similar)  Total steal, Plus since spring hasn’t officially hit, it’s still a little chilly outside so it’s perfect for this time of year.



3. Alix Synthetic Bootie ( American Rags)

These babies literally work with everything. It’s the only thing in my wardrobe that can complete any outfit. A total steal for &39.99 ( on sale) , originally  $69.00.

I have been on planes and trains for more than 18hr, and I have yet to wear anything cute and comfortable at the same time, until these beauties. I highly recommend these.

 4.Levi’s Super Skinny Jeans.
If I could, I would wear these in my sleep. Even though they are super skinny, I always get one size bigger just so I wear them twice as long.

These dark skinny jeans are perfect for any look. I got them on a 30% off sale  (reg.place $40.00.) So pretty much a steal.


Necklaces- $1.00 (thrift shop)

Headband- &4.00( clairs)

I don’t have a specific sense style. Which is my favorite part of seasonal fashion. Gives me a chance to try something new everyday. One day I’m wearing something preppy and the next I’m wearing something with a 70’s vibe.

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We’re still tourists ( on the go!!!)

  I know the sign right behind me says Tokyo. When in fact we are actually in Shibuya,Japan. Central Tokyo is about a 15-20 min car ride from here 25 by train. 

We have lived in sasebo for three years,two years ago. Where it is more country and down to earth. Shibuya and Tokyo are concider the big city in japan, so it’s like we’re a family of tourist on winter break in January. 

Dear Journal 01/06/16 We Arrived……….awhile ago. 

Dear Journal , 

In December 15 2015 my family and I have returned to our paradise know as Japan. Which is the reason why I haven’t been posting anything (Jet-lag). I have to tell you about the four plane journey. 

  I can’t complain about our last few hours in Italy. It was a good way to go.  When we were in the process of checking in. Mom norticed one of our fellow navel family right behind us. Ironically enough we were put on the same flight with one another.  So our to families had one last italian breakfast at this really nice vintage café .  

Me drinking one last cappocino  
  Of course we didn’t sit together on the plane but it was excellent that we got to see this family one last time. After going through italian classes and MWR trips together. 

( if you don’t know what MWR means you’re not part of a military family ).

If you read “International Reading” ( another post) .  Then you already know how my first flight went.  

The second plane was one of the longest flights. But the extra six inches of legroom and personal tvs with most of the recently released movies and shows, helped me get through it.  

When we got off the 11hr plane ride in Houston 

Dear Journal 12/11/2015: Side Effect part2

Dear Journal ,

Today is day four in the hotel after moving out and handing over the keys to the house to our landlord.  In total it took us five days to clean down and touch up the house. As we were going through motions of moving out I started experiencing the side effects.

Side Effect #1 of moving out .   As you’re packing out you’ll obviously notice the how much space was in the room before you filled it up with a bunch of thingumajig and whatsis.  When the items start coming out one by one and the house begins to feel more and more vacant ; you’ll regret leaving .

The some thing happened to me when I saw my hallowed out bedroom , I almost instantly wanted to cry over the fact that I wouldn’t get to sleep in my bed for the next few months , and watch Netflix  on my desk till two in the morning . (sorry mom! ) anyway pretty soon the entire house had nothing but a television on the second floor . As off now it has been two days since I last seen that house.

Another side effect to moving out is hording

When packing out you must decide on what you want to keep and what you want to throw away. When you go through the pile I guarantee you will find something you have lost six  months ago . And as you’re freaking out about that one thing you lost . the most important question arrives . ” Do I still need this when I have survive half a year without it.

Dad’s point of view : When you get use to seeing the something everyday , you become attach to that seeing that one thing. Then when it is time to decide whether you need this item or not.  You are almost blindsided to actual value of this item.

The last side effect is the reality of the move .  The other night I was talking to mom about how I can’t believe our time here is up. I fill like it’s all over and I’m not ready to leave.  I have so many great and fragile like memories .

10595999_10202291921880374_861393921_nfavorite memory :The time when my cousin RJ  ( more like older   brother) came to visit and my dad drove use about five hours to see the leaning tower of Pisa.  Almost as soon as we got there we tried the classic cliché photo of us holding up or pushing down the tower. Afterward we went to a near by outdoor pizzeria and watched the horse-buggies go down the cobblestone road . It was like something  out of a black and white movie.

Basically the reality is bitter sweet and  I want to  stay  and go all at once!!

Merry Christmas !!!

Buon Natale !!!