A Story Every Tourist in Hawaii Needs To Know Before Leaving the Island

Back in 1958, in Lahaina,  Hawaii. The Maui Divers stumbled upon an ocean jewel; which is conceders the most lustrous coral in the world,  “The Black Coral”.  The Black Coral is a protected gem, that takes 50 years or more to fully mature before harvesting the coral. 1959 is the year the Maui Divers establish there jewelry business. Which is how they named their business.

I got a chance to experience how a pearl is welcome from an oyster. Tap 3 times, ring a bell, and shout Aloha. Sound like the perfect way to wake up on a Monday morning.


This is Courtney she works at the Maui Divers Jewelry kiosk down at North Shore. She was so lovely and helpful and just made our experience more enjoyable here in Hawaii.


Here is the pearl that Courtney pealed out the oyster. She said the pink pearl means ‘love and beauty’. If you want to see how the pearl was pealed out form the oyster, click here. Maui Divers Jewelry is a fantastic company with an even more amazing history. Make sure to check out their website to see the lovely black coral and more.

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