Dear Journal 01/06/16 We Arrived……….awhile ago. 

Dear Journal , 

In December 15 2015 my family and I have returned to our paradise know as Japan. Which is the reason why I haven’t been posting anything (Jet-lag). I have to tell you about the four plane journey. 

  I can’t complain about our last few hours in Italy. It was a good way to go.  When we were in the process of checking in. Mom norticed one of our fellow navel family right behind us. Ironically enough we were put on the same flight with one another.  So our to families had one last italian breakfast at this really nice vintage café .  

Me drinking one last cappocino  
  Of course we didn’t sit together on the plane but it was excellent that we got to see this family one last time. After going through italian classes and MWR trips together. 

( if you don’t know what MWR means you’re not part of a military family ).

If you read “International Reading” ( another post) .  Then you already know how my first flight went.  

The second plane was one of the longest flights. But the extra six inches of legroom and personal tvs with most of the recently released movies and shows, helped me get through it.  

When we got off the 11hr plane ride in Houston 


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